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Line Editing

As a nonfiction line editor, I work line by line to help elevate and preserve your writing style. I edit your content for tone, clarity, flow, and language to ensure the best experience for your intended reader.

Is the meaning of your sentences and paragraphs clear?


Is the language in your content suitable for your intended reader?


Do your ideas flow from one to the next?

These are a few of the questions I ask myself while working on your content. I handle each project with care and yours will be no different!

Email support is included with my line editing service package.


Copyediting is a focus on the mechanical aspects of your writing while seeking to establish and maintain your technical writing style.


When copyediting I correct issues with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accuracy. I also work to fix style inconsistencies throughout your content.


In addition to email support, with my copyediting package I will develop and provide you with a style sheet based on your indicated style preferences.

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Line Editing and Copyediting Bundle

This is the most popular package. My line editing and copyediting service bundle includes my line editing and copyediting services with a complimentary proofread.

Email support and style sheet is also included with this bundle.


Editor on Retainer

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s very likely that you may not have one single project that requires editorial services, but several ongoing “mini” projects that do.

These smaller projects may include blog posts, social media captions, newsletters, email marketing content, website page content, etc. In addition to providing an editor's eye on your work, I will ensure your content is in line with your brand guidelines, suitable for your audience, and that the language used is the most impactful.

This service is perfect for the entrepreneur that has reoccurring editorial needs. I offer my editor on retainer package for a three-month term with an option of renewal. Email support is included.

Sample Edit

Hiring an editor is an investment and it can be difficult to hand over and entrust someone with your work. That is why I offer complimentary sample edits of up to 1000 words before you decide to hire me. 

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Stacy-Ann Thompson, JA

“I am thrilled with Matthesa's editorial expertise on my debut book. Her insightful suggestions have significantly enhanced the quality of my book. Her communication and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I eagerly anticipate future collaborations and am confident in her ability to edit my work. Highly recommended."

Patience Aba Agyeman, UK

"I cannot recommend Matthesa enough. She is spot on and the work is delivered on time. She is gifted with words, she has a way of elevating my writing. My wrapped gift. Really appreciate her work and I will give her a five star rating."

Phelista Williams, CA

"Part of my job is to write weekly blogs for my agency. But I'm not very good with structuring my 
sentences. Matthesa has been editing my writings for the last 4 years. Her help has made a huge difference in my work. She makes it look easy. Thank you, Matthesa, I'm grateful for your help. "
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