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Editing Services

Let's make your writing shine!




Are you a Christian self-publishing nonfiction author? Perhaps you're almost ready to publish your book but don't want it riddled with run-on sentences and grammatical errors. I can help with that! My job is to help polish your manuscript and ensure that your readers have the best experience possible while reading your completed book.

Maybe you're a Christian entrepreneur who needs help perfecting your content across all platforms? Refined online content helps the brand of a business and adds to the credibility of an entrepreneur. My services can help with that!

As a line and copyeditor, I'm here to help you elevate your content, not erase your unique voice. The world needs to read what you want to share! Let me help you, book a discovery call today.

Here's what one of my clients has said..

"I enjoyed how easy and simple the process was such as the clarity in Matthesa's notes for feedback, as well as her patience and understanding. I now have a manuscript that is edited and I can confidently begin to share it with people with little fear of it being incomprehensible." Kacey Coutain, Self-publishing author

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